How does the consultation work?

Consultation pattern:

1st consultation: 1 hour

Video conference/in-person consultation to:
– Fill the medical record: complete anamnesis and analytical request, if necessary;
– Food consumption questionnaire;
– Set up the objectives.

On the basis of this information, I will prepare a personalized, science-based nutritional plan with practical advice. This nutrition plan will be delivered and explained within 3-5 days.

2nd consultation: 30 minutes

Delivery and explanation of the tailor-made nutritional plan, as well as addressing any potential doubts. This is also the time to set up the next appointment, usually 15 days after the start of the nutritional plan.

Follow-up consultations: 45 minutes

– Feedback and resolution of doubts;
– Assessment of objectives;
– Updating the dietary pattern;
– Food re-education.


Consultations are affiliated to the Luxembourgish Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS) and may be reimbursed.
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Private insurers can also reimburse all or part of the dietary consultation. (Check with your insurer) *Only for Luxembourg

Private Consultation

1st consultation – EUR 120

2nd consultation – EUR 127

Follow-up consultations – EUR 63 each


1st consultation

2nd consultation

3 Follow-up consultations

Total EUR 355 (5 consultations)

CNS consultation*

1st consultation – EUR 102.18

2nd consultation – EUR 127.73

Follow-up consultations – EUR 63.86 each

Online consultationFace-to-face consultation

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