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My name is Silvia Rodríguez, and I am a Dietitian

Through my new online project, I will help to improve the health, diet and nutritional habits of those who, through a global and inclusive approach, want to ameliorate their wellbeing and lifestyle.

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My commitment to you ...

I commit myself to advise and accompany you on your journey of learning new nutritional and lifestyle habits. We will begin, through an initial consultation, by getting to know one another, going over your medical history and personal case, and establishing your short- and long-term objectives.

I will provide you with the necessary tools not only to achieve your aims, but also to learn how to transition to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle over time.

I adapt this process for each patient, taking into account your preferences and needs as well as underlying pathologies (if any). I will also teach you how to identify harmful habits that could undermine your progress over time. My nutritional advice is based on the latest scientific evidence.

My work method
Mi Compromiso Contigo


Nutrición Oncológica

Oncological nutrition


Nutrition education


Nutrition during pregnancy


Nutrition during menopause


Mediterranean diet


Clinical nutrition


Dietitian intervention in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


Personalized nutrition to lose weight

I can help you to improve your health and your dietary and nutritional habits.

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